Thursday, June 7, 2012

Somewear: Pre-Shoot Prep

I went to my photo shoot yesterday at Tootsies!  Incase you need a refresher from my Monday post, Tootsies, a local boutique in Dallas, is hosting a blogger event on June 28th! 10 bloggers have been invited to “walk the runway” that evening.  Each blogger was asked to choose an outfit from Tootsies that best represented their current style.  The photo shoots happened this past Tuesday and Wednesday, and next week the pics will be posted on Tootsies’ website!  I’ll be asking my followers to vote for me online for the best outfit!  And as a little incentive, I’ll be giving away a $50 Tootsies gift card to one lucky follower who helps me spread the word online! (More details on that later). 

Now, as for what I wore to the shoot, a few things were key.  I needed to come with clean hair, simple foundation, a fresh mani/pedi, and nude underwear.  These preparations prior to arrival were necessary to make the jobs of the make-up artist, hair dresser, and photographer a bit easier.  I also think wearing a button-down is key incase you get stuck in hair rollers and need to get dressed for the shoot.  Jewelry isn’t really needed, but you know me, I couldn’t resist a little flair!

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