about me

In May 2011 my life took a dramatic turn.  In one fell swoop I left my job at Lucky magazine, where I had spent the last 7 years working.  I uprooted myself from NYC and moved my entire belongings to the heart of all things southern and good: Dallas, Texas.  And if that wasn’t enough, during the chaos of my grand departure from the Big Apple, I injured myself, had to have knee surgery, and spent the first few months of my summer in BIG D on crutches!  It was definitely not the glamorous entrance into Dallas that I had been hoping for.  Bored out of my mind, feeling more alone than ever and greatly separated from the fashion world that I had become so accustomed to, I decided I needed a creative outlet.  The only problem was that I couldn’t leave my couch!  So, that is where my blog, Somewear To Be, was born!

Thanks so much for dropping by! I welcome you to explore and hopefully be inspired by my daily fashion obsessions and style musings.