Friday, January 20, 2012

Somewear: Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk!

Oh snap!  That’s right Virginia- there is a Santa Claus and now apparently there’s a place Santa can go post Christmas blues where he can get his fill on barbeque, square dancing, bull riding, and good ole country music!  Ok, ok, ok so I guess Billy Bob’s is not some “new” place here in Texas, but it is news to me!  I hear it’s been around longer than even Merle Haggard has been alive (that’s a country pun incase you didn’t know).  Anyway, get your gasps out now, because I will be going there this Saturday night to partake in all my favorite Texas activities (note sarcasm please).  Even though this joint is way outside my comfort zone, I’m going to embrace it and dress the part (with my own southern flair- of course)!

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