Friday, October 7, 2011

Where to Wear: College Game Day Merch

Every Saturday in the fall is always a big day for college football fans everywhere, but this weekend down south there is an epic game being played: OU vs. TEXAS!  The game is played every year at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, and I will, of course, be sporting my crimson and cream.  Today’s post is dedicated to some of my favorite ladies* and their favorite college teams!  Here’s my prediction on what they’ll be sporting and perhaps doing on this fabulous fall game day!
  1. Libs: Dallas OU Bar cheering on the Sooners while they destroy their biggest rival. BOOMER SOONER! Oklahoma Ruffle Dress, $44.95
  2. Stephanie: Tailgaiting in Stillwater with Pistol Pete- Go OKTAILGATERS.COM! Ladies Glitter Pete Tee, $36
  3. Shapin: At the NYC Michigan Bar (AKA Brother Jimmy’s) hopefully texting her bestie in Dallas about the Wolverines big win (not to be mistaken with the Wolves big win #wolfpackerforlife) iPhone 4 Skin, $14.99
  4. AM (AKA- Math Attack): Ummmmm can’t confirm location, but this will be being used. Florida Gators Unisex Snuggie Blanket, $27.95
  5. Betsy (AKA- My Lover): LA Patio Bar drinking a cold beer in her flips, tank, and jeans.  Bets- I know you’d probably prefer to be wearing your truly fave team, but you know how I feel about the Trojans.  I just couldn’t stomach it.  So- I went with second best (or third or fourth or wait- they’re not even ranked, but whatever- they’re our alma mater and I had to feature the ‘Stangs. Go Ponies!) SMU Tank, $25.99
  6. Cannella: At the office “fighting” to stay awake.  Buzz kill, but probably true!  Hey- maybe you could spike your coffee with a little Irish Cream.  You know, to support the team. Notre Dame Coffee Mug, $12.99

*To all my UT girlfriends, I do apologize for not featuring you here.  I know you understand, but TEXAS SUCKS!!!!

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