Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where to Wear: Capes

I totally get that some of you haven’t embraced the whole cape thing, yet.  You feel a little bit like it’s wearing you instead of you wearing it.  It’s maybe too super-hero and not enough super-star.  Listen, I understand, but YOU can do this!  It’s just about finding the one that’s right for you or better yet- just like in Harry Potter when the owls deliver the mail or like in Avatar with those scary flying dragons- let the cape find you!  (Too much?  Sorry- was really feeling it today.)  To infinity and beyond!  (Again- sorry- can’t stop).
  1. Boarding School in Paris: Tahari, Belle Capelet, $148 
  2. Sipping a Soy Latte Outside Your Favorite Vegan Café In Portland: Pendleton, Reversible Cape, $297
  3. Shopping for Turquoise at the Santa Fe Indian Market: Vera Moda, Navajo Pattern Blanket Cape, $96.03
  4. Lunch with Pippa and the Girls: Burberry Brit, Wool Duffel Cape, $850
  5. Any day in LA when it gets below 75°F- Brrrrrr Bundle Up, West Coasters! Victoria’s Secret, Faux Fur Trim Cape, Sale- $126

1 comment:

  1. Very funny! Very clever! Okay, now I want a cape!!!