Monday, February 18, 2013

stb's ebay relay: vintage furs

So, I’ve been making fun of my aunt for weeks, because she’s been in these non-stop bidding wars for these various vintage winter swing coats.  And she’s become quite successful with her bidding.  I think she’s up to about 15 now.  And, don’t get me wrong- they’re all absolutely adorable, but we live in Dallas, Texas.  The high today is 75 and it’s Feb 18.  So, anyway, I’ve never really gotten the whole ebay concept.  I know it’s been around forever and it’s a giant success, but the thought of buying someone else’s used crap really didn’t appeal to me.  Welllllllll, it didn’t appeal to me until now.  I don’t want to admit to too much, but my aunt has me hooked and I may or may not have spent the last 24 hours in a few bidding wars of my own.  And, I’ve become obsessed with something even more impractical: vintage furs. #wishilivedinaspen
  1. Bustown Modern Vintage, 60’s Arctic Fox Fur Camel Swing Coat, Current Bid- $33.65, Bidding Ends Feb 21 
  2. Jolly Gargoyle Vintage, 80's Golden Island Fox Fur Stroller, Current Bid- $94, Bidding Ends Feb 24 
  3. Hollywood Style, 70's Fitch Fur Sable Fox Cape Coat Jacket, Buy Now- $698, Or Best Offer 
  4. Sweet Vintage Retro Inspired Fake Fur Jacket, Buy Now- $120, Free Shipping   
  5. Electric Skinny Vintage, White Collar Fox Fur Swing Coat, Buy Now- $258, Ends March 3 

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