Friday, December 21, 2012

Excess-orizing with… @SuzannaDai

I’ve decided to create a new series for STB centered around my biggest fashion obsession- ACCESSORIES.  Don’t get me wrong- of course- I love all things clothing, but accessories can make or break an outfit.  Accessories can change your average LBD into a jaw-dropping moment.  I wanted to kick off the series with one of my absolute fave jewelry designers, Suzanna Dai.  If I could own every one of her pieces, I would!  She is truly an artist, which is why I put her up to the task of taking a classic black dress and EXCESS-ORIZING it into a fabulous show-stopping number!  When gathering her picks together, Suzanna told me she was inspired by the opulent baroque trend.  I couldn’t agree with her picks more.  They really transform the dress, making it perfect for any night out this holiday season!

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