Monday, April 23, 2012

Shakespeare’s Birthday Party

My former SMU gal pals have started a theatre company in LA called Little Candle Productions.  They are hosting a fundraiser tonight for their upcoming show, The Winter’s Tale.  What better way to raise money than by celebrating the birth of the playwright himself, Mr. Willie Shakes!  In case you were wondering, he would have been 448 today.  Now, if I know some of these gals like I do, there is a chance that they might just come in full Elizabethan garb (Allison).  However, if I were able to attend, I think I might go with just a slight nod to the era by sporting a dramatic ruffled collar and some show stopping jewels.  If you’re in LA, I’d highly suggest joining in the festivities tonight which will include Shakespeare themed libations and a trivia contest!  More info here!   

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