Thursday, March 22, 2012

Excessive Baggage: Packing for a Long Trip!

For the Jetsetter Gypsy who has Somewear To Be!
The Birth of Excessive Baggage
 A few weeks ago, my friend and travel blogger from Jetsetter Gypsy reached out to me for some serious suitcase packing advice.  She was set to embark on a 6 week long traveling excursion that would take her across various climates and through many different occasions from the beaches of Mexico to work dinners in DC to late nights out in Milan.  Her trip was going to run the gamut, so how could she squeeze it all in without having all the “excessive baggage”?  Hence, where our new travel packing story was born! 

Below are some tips, strategies, and STB looks I provided the Jetsetter Gypsy for her upcoming trip across the globe! 

She has just begun her 6 week quest, so follow her here to find out more about where she’s headed and to see what she said about our newest "Excessive Baggage" collaboration!

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