Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bar Exam

My husband has to retake the bar exam this week (long story short- no reciprocity from NY to Texas).  Now, don’t worry- he’s not actually wearing this outfit.  This is just what I would have worn had it been me taking the bar this week. Of course, I’d go with super comfy clothes, but I would also want to make sure I dressed in layers.  You never know how cold or hot it might be in there and it’s a long day, so you would need to come prepared.  Also- depending on the circulation in the room, your skin could get really dry, so I’d make sure to hydrate with water and some kind of special chap stick.  Lastly (and maybe most importantly), since I know nothing about the law, I would definitely need some kind of lucky charm with me/ answers from God to get me through the three gruesome test days.  Glad I’m not in his shoes!  Best of luck- honey! 

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