Friday, December 16, 2011

What to Wear When: You’re Hosting the Christmas Party

This weekend I will be hosting a Birthday Party/Christmas Party for my husband and girlfriend.  I always feel bad for the Christmas babies, because inevitably their Birthday’s get shoved in between holiday shopping and other festive madness.  So, because of my guilt (and love for my husband- of course) I always try and throw him a big Christmas/Birthday bash.  One thing I’ve learned about hosting parties is that no matter how hard you try not to be, you spend half the night sweating in the kitchen.  So, instead of a long sleeve blouse or sweater, I say wear something light and airy.  It also needs to be comfortable, because you’re working hard and the last thing you need is to be in some tight uncomfortable get-up while you’re plating more bacon wrapped dates and making another batch of your famous holiday punch.  One thing I always forget, but I recommend it for all hosts- try if you can- to stop “hosting” for a sec and have some fun!

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