Monday, November 14, 2011

Where to Wear: Plaid Pants

Plaid is everywhere.  I find it’s easier to rock this trend with a top or with your accessories, but it’s a little more of a challenge to sport it from the hips down.  That’s A LOT of plaid (well, at least for my long legs).  Perhaps- it’s not that scary for my shorties out there!  Either way, I encourage all to give it a try this season.
  1. All Day Sight Seeing Tour of Edinburgh: L.A.M.B., Plaid Skinny Pants, $300
  2. Lunch at the Connecticut Country Club House: J.Crew, Café capri in wool plaid, $138
  3. To Bed-Duh: Burberry, Check Lounge Pants, $125
  4. Lower East Side Rock Concert: Tripp NYC, Plaid Skinny Pants, SALE- $107.82
  5. Ski Lodge in Vail: Tory Burch, Andres Pants, $395


  1. OH MAN. I've never tried plaid, never gave it a shot haha but these are so stylish!

  2. Love this, GG! It's very Mad Men-esque. I am not kidding when I tell you that Kyle has been suggesting I get a pair. Who'da thunk it?