Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where to Wear: Navajo Prints

It can be hard to wear this print and not feel like you’re living in a New Mexico pueblo making clay pots, but it can be done.  It’s a beautiful design and there is a reason it’s trending/ causing a controversy*.   

Now, let’s play a new game I like to call: ANYTIME, ANYWEAR.  I’ve managed to find Navajo prints that can be worn for NIGHT & DAY, WORK & PLAY, & my personal fave- OUTERWEAR & "INNERWEAR".  Can you guess which works for what?
  1. L.A.M.B., Navajo Dakota Convertible Clutch, $258
  2. Joie, Aria Dress, $378
  3. Theodora & Callum, Spice Multi Navajo Blanket Scarf, $175
  4. ASOS, Warehouse Navajo Cardigan, $96.03
  5. Urban Outfitters, Title Unknown Techno Navajo Quilt Oversized Crop Tee, $29
  6. Urban Outfitters, Navajo Hipster Panty, $8

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