Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Somewear: Courtside Seats to the NBA Finals

I’ve always been a Mavs fan, but having never really lived in Dallas I never had a reason to buy any Mavericks paraphernalia.  Now that I live here, though, I wonder if asked tonight to attend The Finals game, what outfit would I scramble to put together.  A blue romper and sporty Sperry’s befitting of the team’s colors, a temporary Mavs tattoo which I would proudly display on my cheek, a good luck ring in honor of Champ- the mascot horse, and of course, a hat which would have to be one of those last minute onsite purchases.  Ok, now who’s going to ask me to the game?


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  1. Thanks for the post....I am a big Dallas fan and since I didnt get a chance to go to the game for sure will dress to impress tonight when our friends come over to watch the game!